This episode features a topic that Megan and I are extremely interested in: the afterlife.  We have both experienced afterlife communications and wanted to speak with the authority on afterlife research, Julia Assante, to get a better idea of what happens when we die.

She is a professional intuitive with four decades of experience with the afterlife, a past-life therapist, and an Interfaith minister. Her accuracy scores from clinical tests on telepathy and remote viewing (Columbia University) were off the charts. She teaches workshops in the US and Europe.

Academically, Julia is a specialist of the ancient Near East (PhD Columbia). She has taught at Columbia, Bryn Mawr, and the University of Münster, published in many academic journals, and lectured worldwide. Her breakthrough interpretations of magico-religious rites have provoked revisions in all scholarship of antiquity.

Julie spoke about so much during this episode:

  • Near death experiences, or NDEs, from all over the world were compared and the results were very stunning.
  • How people would live if the fear of death were gone
  • Is it possible to prove the afterlife?
  • How phobias occur

Beyond the bullet points above, the conversation was fascinating simply because of the subject matter.  There were so many details about the afterlife that Julia mentioned that I’d never heard of before.  Take a listen and let us know what you think over on the facebook page.

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