most important message of the year - rachel archelaus

At the beginning of the year I made a painting of my year ahead in business.  It was a visual business plan that had lofty goals.

When I painted it, I was in a very high vibration so the outcome of achieving over 5x in revenue and more than 45,000 new email subscribers made sense at the time.

I checked in with myself a few days ago and got really honest with myself.  I wasn’t living up to this initial vibration.  I wasn’t doing the inner word that would keep me there and it showed in my business results.  I was moving along at the same pace as last year instead of growing like my painting showed me was possible.

I drew the answer that I needed and realized that it could help you, too. That’s why I’m being so transparent here.

So what is the most important message of the year?  Watch the video:

It may seem simple to focus on yourself first, to make sure you are healing, thriving, and in love with your life before you can make a major impact on the world, but we all seem to forget this.

Make this the year that you put yourself first so that you CAN have a major impact.  I know you have gifts to share and I know it can be scary to think about growing beyond your comfort zone.  We can do it together.

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