Jennifer Zulli is a dynamic woman, but the one thread that runs through everything she does is music.  She teaches, composes, leads workshops and meditations, plays for festivals, and runs a center called SOUND in Newtown, CT.  (learn more about that below)

In this episode, Jennifer and Megan talk about numerology, the journey of healing, following your intuition and so much more.

It is a riveting conversation and you learn how Jennifer embodies the dark night of the soul journey that so many people who travel a spiritual path have encountered.



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Learn more about SOUND Center Arts:

SOUND, located in Newtown, CT is a holistic educational & healing arts center that fosters creative and expressive arts with spiritual awareness for conscious evolution. Located in the historic Hawleyville Chapel in Newtown, Sound provides a sacred space for awakening the human spirit through positive experiences in the healing and creative arts. SOUND’s mission is to hold the space for exploring and connecting to each other and our truest Self. Offering:

  • Early childhood music & yoga classes
  • Private & group music instruction for children and adults on piano, voice & guitar ukulele and other instruments
  • Sound therapy
  • Group music & movement classes & workshops
  • Yoga Classes for Adults, Children & Teens
  • Drum Circles (Family, Adult, Women Empowerment)
  • Creative arts classes including Goddess & Mystical Belly Dancing, Ukulele Classes, Intuitive Drawing & Painting, The art of Mandalas, Mindful Cooking and more!
  • Intuitive & Psychic Development Classes
  • Meditation training & courses (Including the MBSR® Program for Adults & Children) The IM® Amma technique and more
  • Spiritual and Personal growth workshopssound center arts, newtown, ct
  • Dream Therapy & Past Life Regression Workshops
  • Intuitive and Angel readings
  • Energy & Sound Healing Workshops and Private Sessions
  • Reiki Certificate Training and Clinics
  • SOUND events and concerts  (Hosting guest teachers, healers, artists & musicians)
  • SOUND Beginnings Summer Camp (focusing on mind, body, spirit & the earth)
  • Private events and educational retreats
  • The Wellness Center at SOUND

Jennifer offers sound healing meditations and workshops at the center in Newtown or can be booked at other centers, yoga studios, healing arts centers or retreats

You can also visit SOUND (A Center for Arts & Mindfulness) a holistic educational & healing arts center at

Learn more about Jennifer Zulli:

Visit Jennifer Zulli’s website here: and listen to her music.

Jennifer Zulli M.A. is a Composer, Musician, Singer, Educator, Conductor, Usui Reiki Master and Vibrational Artist and healer.
Jennifer has had a deep love for music for as long as she can remember. One of her first musical memories was at the age of three, dancing around the living room to “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story with her mother and sisters.  Caught up in her sheer happiness, Jennifer tripped and had her first head-on, teeth-first introduction to the family piano.  Aside from that unfortunate encounter, it was then she knew she would always be moved by music.  At the age of five, Jennifer started studying piano, and by seven years old she began composing and creating her own pieces which brought her an amazing sense of freedom and a profound passion to express herself through composition and performance.

Being behind the piano and singing always felt like home for Jennifer as she found solace every day after school practicing for hours the works of great composers, as well as her own compositions.  She continued to study piano and voice throughout High School and upon graduation was the first recipient of the B’nai Brith full scholarship award. Jennifer studied classical and contemporary voice and piano, and in 1997 received her BA in Music Education, and then soon after started teaching music in the NYS public school system. Although it wasn’t her true heart’s desire, she listened to the advice of others and gave her full attention to teaching.  Jennifer continued her studies in Manhattenville College & The Julliard School, and later received her MA. in Music/Education in Western Connecticut State University. She continued her post graduate studies in World Music, Orff Shulwork, but focused most of her attention on Dalcroze (a mind, body, spirit) based pedagogy.

Since 1997, Jennifer has taught thousands of students in the public school system as well as privately. For the past 15 years, the core of Jennifer’s curriculum has been focused on teaching creative composition to children, movement and singing, music history and theory, directing musical plays and revues and conducting large choruses.

Since 2007 Jennifer has introduced meditation into her classes as a way of guiding her students to let go, relax and focus, connect to themselves, create,  and tune into each other on a deeper level.  The benefits were extraordinary. This was initiated earlier that year when Jennifer was struck with a deadly combination of a chronic Lyme disease, Erlichiosis infection, and Mononucleosis four months after her first daughter was born via a medically induced cesarean.

It was then that Jennifer’s life was changed forever. Not only was she a new mother, she was traveling to more doctors than she can recall just to hear them tell her that the myriad of symptoms (i.e. neurological symptoms, chronic joint and muscle pain, lethargy, ear/eye pain, headaches and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms) were all in her head, or cause by postpartum depression.  After seven months of dealing with the pain and suffering brought unknowingly on by a combination of tick infections, Jennifer started praying and meditating as a means to deal with every painstaking moment when all she really wanted to do was curl up into a hole and give up.  She then found a MD who was willing to treat her as if she had Lyme regardless of what the blood tests said.  A diagnosis finally came back and her long road to recovery and healing began.

Jennifer continued meditation which was a tremendous aid in helping her through the roller coaster recovery for chronic Lyme.  And what she find out through this journey was that it was a way for her to finally reconnect to her trueTibetan_singing_bowls_image self after so many years of not being truly in touch with who she was, what she wanted and what made her soul truly sing.  She started to feel alive again after so many years of being asleep; and started researching works on meditation, sound healing and  great ancient mystics.  It was at that point that Jennifer started composing music again and for the first time in many years she felt her purpose and passion were somehow linked. In 2009, she released Diamon a long overdue CD about the awakening experience that a chronic disease can have. In that year she won VH1 song of the year and placed in ISC songwriting competition. Although, the singer-songwriter style of music wasn’t going to be her focus musically for her future, it proved to be very cathartic and necessary in the ending of the old and beginning a new.

Since then, Jennifer’s main mission has been to be true to herself; to follow her true heart’s desire while growing beyond the “tick ~tock” of everyday life and truly wake up to the Divine essence within. With that intent, she studied hundreds of works from well known metaphysical and spiritual writers and teachers such as Stuart Wilde, Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukav, Sonia Choquette while also studying sound healing with world renowned sound healer Jonathan Goldman and continuous researching and experimenting with sound and its effects on consciousness.

At that point, her whole view of teaching and the system had changed.   “Instead of telling children what they should do in school, how they should behave, teaching them to take tests and to regurgitate the answers they were taught, the whole system felt completely backward. Rather than allowing a student/child to unfold into the mystery of who they are and nurture them to pay attention to their own unique guiding system and their own inner voice, they are being molded and shaped to be someone else.

sound center arts newtown, ctOn December 15, 2012, Jennifer opened SOUND ( A Center for Music, Creative Arts & Mindfulness) in Newtown, CT.  SOUND is a holistic educational and healing arts center that fosters arts and spiritual awareness for conscious evolution. Located in the historic Hawleyville Chapel in Newtown, Sound provides a sacred space for awakening the human spirit through positive experiences in the healing and creative arts. SOUND’s mission is to hold the space for exploring and connecting to each other and our truest Self.

Along with conducting choirs and teaching Jennifer composes music of her own unique blend of New Age, Classical and Ambient and music for healing and guided meditations. She’s has created The Sonic Journey Experiment  which is a unique 45 minute sound healing symphony incorporating many aspects of meditation, music, sounds and silence and can be performed live as an interactive concert and intimate workshops.

For more information about SOUND and workshops, classes, events or the The Wellness Center at SOUND please visit

Her albums “Opening” 2011 and “Earth Lullaby” 2012 continue to be played internationally and nationally.

Jennifer’s 2014 release “Goddess Rising”  has been recorded in 432hz (the light frequency) and has captured audiences from around the globe.  Beautiful Sacred Sounds of tuning forks, lush melodies on the piano, sacred texts and her etherial voice make for a unique musical and healing experience.  Goddess Rising features the brilliant artwork of English Fantasy Artist Josephine Wall.

“When you are lost take a moment to listen for the SOUND of your soul”

jennifer zulli


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