Lana Bos is a master manifester.

She went from Denmark to California to Hawaii in just a few years and she did it on faith and excitement.  She schools me daily on how to act in spite of fear, how to put your own values first, and how to follow your dreams no matter what.  She helps people manifest their desired body, money, and amazing marketing campaigns.  I love consulting her for business advice!

In this episode we’ll get to find out what happens when you follow your intuition and actually see your dreams come true.

There were a few things that stood out to us during the interview that we hadn’t heard before:

1.  Prepare for your manifestations to arrive.  If you want a new car, make sure you have a license and are ready to drive.  If you desire a new love, have an outfit ready for that next date.  Lana talked about this concept in detail.

2.  Make an intention that every task can be handled with joy.  We’ve heard that staying in joy will help your manifesting, but what about those awful, boring things we all have to do?  She says to make an intention that it will be fun!  She shared some examples from her own life that will inspire you.

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XO Rachel & Megan

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