Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.54.51 PMYes, you read the title right!  I was as surprised as you are by that, but listen to the explanation in the video and it will make perfect sense.

We are here to do our Purpose Work, not worry about money!

This video will explain why it’s totally logical AND spiritual to make money through an evergreen funnel.

It also discusses the most common pitfall spiritual entrepreneurs face when setting up an evergreen funnel.  Don’t fall for this!

(this is the second video in this series, watch the first one here)

Enjoy the second free mini course in this Going Evergreen series:


So doesn’t it make sense for money to easily come in to your life?  Doesn’t it just feel right?  It does to me.

If you want to create this for yourself, check out the Going Evergreen: Group Intensive here.