Life can be completely overwhelming when you are a sensitive person.  There have been many times in my life where I had to shut down completely in order to survive.  These occurrences would last for years, months, and now (thankfully) just hours at a time – but it’s never a solution to the problem.

Your sensitivity is a gift, and with some minor tweaks, you can learn to regulate the extra energy.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, too empathic, too emotional, or completely detached, this video is for you.  I’ll walk you through my three favorite ways of coping and building energetic strength.  They’re easy to do, too.

I could honestly speak about this topic for hours!  Use the resources below to go more in depth. And use Intuitive Art to express yourself and get clarity on new actions steps you can take.

Getting your issues out of your head and reactivating your emotional body is necessary! You are here on this earth to FEEL. You are here to share and grow as well.

Be in love with life,

love Rachel

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