Have you thought of creating your purpose based business – or even started – just to get confused or overwhelmed and stop?  You are SO not alone if you said yes.

Thousands of sensitive, heart-centered people are getting stopped in their tracks right now because they can’t make the leap from feeling to doing.

I explain more in the video:

We get this idea in our heads that we have something to share, and we feel so confident that it’s true…until we have to create the website services page, or tell someone what it is we do.

Part of this problem lies in bringing our big energy down into our lower chakras.  We can be blocked in our lower chakras and holding a lot of junk that distorts our squeaky clean intentions.  We lose connection with our original intention and get confused.

We also tend to hear the voices of people who shaped our brains early in life.  This illustration lists some of those items.  Can you relate with any of them?


It’s crucial to realize that those statements are not the truth. They are opportunities for healing.

When you hear them in your head, thank them, send them love, and get yourself into a state of self-empowerment. YOU are the one who decides what you can learn, how you will move forward, when you will quit, and so on. If you feel that sharing your gifts with the world is what you are here to do, don’t stop until you get there. You can figure out everything that pops up on your path.

The key to being successful is aligning yourself with your original intention. You need to align your lower chakras with your big ball of potential. It’s not always easy, and it often requires a lot of healing, but if you keep going for it you will be amazed at what you get.

In order to make the real impact that sharing your gifts would create, you need to interface with the real world.  That’s why charging money, creating titles for what you do, and setting up a business is a crucial part of this journey.  It allows you to realize your spiritual purpose on earth.

Make your dreams REALITY by working through the confusion and overwhelm.

Stay grounded and never give up. The fog of self doubt and overwhelm is merely an initiation into the promised land.