You wrote, I listened!  This video is one that I’ve made answering your questions and comments about focus.  This video discusses overwhelm and all of the secret messages hidden within it.

I can see us now, head down staring at the to-do list, a wave of panic washing over our bodies as we realize we will NEVER get all of this done.  While the shiver of dread fades more tasks surface from our cavernous, whip-yielding minds


Time for a nap, a snack, a trip to the post office.  Have you been on this journey with me?

Maybe you are the other kind of overwhelmed – you have no idea what you are supposed to be doing.  Your days are clear and open as you wait for instructions.  Yet the weather isn’t calm and breezy, it’s heavy with guilt and frustration.  You don’t know how to start, what to do next, or who to ask for support.  It’s the opposite of the above scenario, but it’s the same culprit creating it.

The biggest secret that overwhelm hides is our fear of living our potential. Click To Tweet

In this video I give you tips for shaking off the overwhelm and also for decoding what personal messages it holds for you.

Overwhelm is a manifestation of our own fear to GO BIG Click To Tweet

What is overwhelm saying to you?  Use the questions below to find out!  I suggest journaling around these or talking them out with a friend.  You may be surprised what answers surface.  Just remember not to judge yourself for anything – that will keep you at the bottom of the mountain.

  • What is overwhelm trying to tell me?
  • What is at the end of the rainbow that I am afraid of?
  • What has to change for me to embrace my potential?

Facing these answers will clear the fog of overwhelm and allow you to focus on what you really want.

Our next video will be about goal setting.  Do you have to do it?  Is there another way that feels more in alignment?  Stay tuned!

Has this video helped you identify the source of your overwhelm?  If so, comment below and share this with your friends.