The accelerated energy we live in right now is helping us determine who we are and what the authentic expression of that looks like.

This energy is providing sharp contrast for us to see, feel, and observe. I had an exciting weekend in Los Angeles at the Channel Panel and got to be around so many open, like-minded people. I’ve never been in a room with more psychic friends (and our spirit helpers)! I felt at home and very supported.


(You can barely see my head, but I’m in there!  With Daniel Scranton, Nora Herold, Wendy Kennedy, Reuben Langdon, Sean Swanson, Christina, Rob Gauthier, Daniel James, Shelley Young, Kalina Angel, and Lee Harris)

And then I came home and realized with greater clarity that I desire to travel and teach more than just create online content from my office. That clarity of desire will shape how I make decisions now. From what I purchase to what other commitments I make. Our desires can shape our lives if we are conscious. As we let our true nature emerge, we’ll feel the most authentic path for us to take.

My Higher Self urged me to go this event and I’m so glad I listened. Being in new high vibrational environments can help you elevate your perspective on your life. It can even help us see how we are struggling, when we didn’t think we were to begin with.

So if your Higher Self urges you to take a trip, drive to a new coffee shop, or even to sit in a different chair for work, follow that advice. It is the beginning of a new sense of self and a new clarity of perception.

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I’ve decided to leave the Soul Focus course open for registration because of that. It’s my favorite clarity tool because it’s interactive and outside of our heads. I hope it will assist you on your inward journey through the rest of your life, but especially with this Mercury Retrograde, the Autumnal Equinox this week, and the Eclipse at the end of the month. (and the Supermoon, AND the photon wave, lol!) If that interests you, go here:

Sometimes it can be painful to come into clarity. If you start realizing what is out of alignment with you and it hurts, see if you can dance with the pain. Breathe, care for yourself, and stay open. The pain will move quickly if you facilitate its release. Good friends help with this, too!