Neil Guar talked to us about how and why he created the global platform for spreading conscious information Portal to Ascension.  In his words:

Portal to Ascension has been created to assist humanity in the awakening process. We exist in a time where the collective consciousness of our planet is shifting into a new state of awareness; based on the principles of unity, transparency, integrity and unconditional love. We create worldwide events, both online and in person, exploring consciousness, self-empowerment, sound and vibration, ET disclosure, ancient civilizations, quantum mechanics, metaphysics, conscious living and spirituality. We have set forth to be the educational and inspirational platform for a new paradigm that is now emerging.

We serve as facilitators of awareness…

The path he took wasn’t always easy and he spent many years trying to convince bigger name teachers to be a part of it.  What Megan and I found very fascinating was that once Neil released the desire to be known for his work, these teachers started contacting him.  It’s funny how we can become more visible in the world once we let go of the need for it.

The conversation got very interesting when Megan asked about death (listen to find out why).  It also tied into Neil’s plans to release information on free energy, the truth about debt and money, and many more topics that are universal to humanity.

Neil’s relationship with his wife is inspiring.  She is co-creator of Portal to Ascension, but it’s the story of how the two came together is magical.

We can’t wait to hear more from Neil and PTA.  We wish him all the best!

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