This is a post to get lost in.  Follow the drawing and let the colors move your eyes.  Let it activate parts of your body.  Feel and gaze into yourself as you see the colors richen and dance.  The sentence below is merely a jumping off point.  Most of all, enjoy. Love, Rachel.

The power of the heart is the truth of the divine is the part of you that feels giddy about sharing yourself.


How are you feeling lately?

The complexity of your experience right now is being expressed in the drawing.

You feel the layers of yourself ungluing and speaking in their own dialect.

One minute you are a zen master and the next second you’re yelling at the guy in front of you to put his blinker on when he pulls over (ok, that was me).

The truth of the matter is that your heart is ready to burst open, flooding your life with more light and love than you could handle.

It's time to put down the boxing gloves and fill your dark crevices with understanding and compassion. Click To Tweet

How is this done?  By turning on Love Radio on the station in your head.  Remembering to turn up the volume when you can.

Rock out, feel it, and when a part of you, deep down inside, raises its hand or collapses on the floor, direct all of your speakers toward her and witness the release.  Just love.  Just listen.  You are divine.

You are a love rockstar.



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Rachel Archelaus

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