This is a post to get lost in.  Follow the drawing and let the colors move your eyes.  Let it activate parts of your body.  Feel and gaze into yourself as you see the colors richen and dance.  The sentence below is merely a jumping off point.  Most of all, enjoy. Love, Rachel.

There is no way to know how your pieces will be reassembled.


Your joy and curiosity are steering the ship.

Your heart, your light, your healing and your desires are all playing the field right now.

They are catching the ball your eyes are gazing at.

What is it that you want?

There is unlimitedness now, love.

You are unlimited. Click To Tweet

Be free, be bad ass, be you.

Discover what YOU is in every moment.  Follow it like a hawk.  Get excited when you see it.

And you’ll turn out just fine.



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