Creating your full time, or even part time, income from your Purpose work takes alignment, skill, business acumen, and so much more.  It takes time to develop confidence and it takes systems to create a sustainable business.  But before any of that is even considered, there is one huge blindspot that may be sabotaging all of your success. That’s why I made these videos, the first one reveals blindspots and what foundation you need and the second is an Intuitive Art reading showing you what it takes to create an income from your living your purpose.

What does it take to Make an Income from living your Soul Purpose?  This video explains:

  • the #1 thing that keeps the money from coming in
  • what you need to fix internally and externally to align with the money
  • the one thing you can do now to get the income flowing.

You’ll get to see what I did to go from being stagnant for 7 long years to opening the gates to wealth from sharing my Purpose with the world.

Are you ready to start creating an income from doing your purpose work?  Watch the video:

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What have you been avoiding?  Is there a sign right in front of you that is waiting to be acted on?  Let me know in the comments what your action step is.

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Here’s an Intuitive Art reading of the same question:

There’s nothing stopping you from taking a step forward.  Your mind is probably telling you that you don’t know what the sign is, or what the next step to take is.  The easiest thing to do is to make a list of what you want to accomplish.  This probably includes creating an income from living your purpose.  Second, make a list of everything that came into your world today and over the last few days.  Has anything come up more than once?  What is being thrown at you from multiple people?  These occurrences are signs that deserve a better look.  Taking a new step will never be easy!  You will always be uncomfortable while you grow.  It’s just part of the charm of the game.

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