A new year brings hope, a fresh outlook, and a feeling of space.  I always feel a brighter twinkle in my eye after the holidays pass.  During December I feel introverted and like to let go of what isn’t serving me any longer.  I also like to honor the feelings inside of me that often want solitude.  Come January I’m cleaned out and ready to imagine what’s next.

Instead of reaching for resolutions, which feel like punishments, I like to ask two very specific questions to guide my yearly planning.  This video talks about those questions and describes why they’ll help you turn 2016 into your most fun and amazing year yet.

I like to use Intuitive Art to help inspire my year to come.  Last year I used Intuitive Art to paint my business year and it helped me decide which programs to run and when.  It also helped me see how much to charge and where I needed to heal myself in order to create more income.  This is what the painting looked like:


If you’d like to learn Intuitive Art so you can use it with the guiding questions from the video, go here and take a free class: Intuitive Art Academy   Follow the three steps you learn in class and use these as your questions (in two separate drawings):

  1.  What would I be so excited to be a part of or create this year?
  2. What would make that so much fun to do?

Those questions will ensure you start off with energy and the right motivation.  You’ll soon see the universe deliver just the right people and circumstances to further your path.  If you keep using excitement and curiosity as your guide, synchronicity will follow each step you take.

Yes, it can be scary to step out of the known and start planning a different way.  Your friends and family will likely try to talk you out of it.  They may even knock down your ideas.  That’s why surrounding yourself with the right people is so important.  See who’ll join you from your current circle by taking the twitter pledge:

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You’ve always got a community with me.  And I’d love to see your work, too.  You can hang out with your Intuitive Artist peers in our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intuitiveartacademy/

Much love to you,

Rachel Archelaus