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This video explores what it’s like living as a psychic business owner.

You’ll get to hear about my first experience seeing something supernatural and hear me describe a coaching session where I’m listening to several voices at once.

Being psychic and knowing myself as multi-dimensional is something I wouldn’t trade for a billion dollars. I think after this video you’ll understand why.

And honestly, I can attribute any and all ease that I have in business to allowing the psychic part of me to rule my decision making. Psychic business = happy business.

Watch the video here and see what you think:

Do you have a similar life or is this something you want to develop?

Being psychic and hearing your guides and angels is a skill that anyone can develop. Check out my course Enhance Your Psychic Senses to learn how to turn up the volume on your intuition and learn how to see energy and communicate with your guides.

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Don’t be shy!

channelpanelpic-psychic business
This is me with a whole table of psychic business owners at Channel Panel 2015.

I’d love to hear about your experiences. Post a comment below and let us know what life is like for you. Do you hear voices, connect with your intuition regularly, does it affect your business? Every person’s story is fascinating to me and they all inspire other people to open up and share. Let’s clear out those throat chakras.

For even more of what it’s like to be a psychic business owner, you can watch this video:  Turning Excitement into Money: From Psychic Kid to Psychic Business

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