I had the pleasure of being on the Death Chicks Show twice this month. This show is about answering the question What is Death?

We had a very enlightening conversation full of higher perspectives and practical advice. It was the most fun I’d ever had on a show.

If this topic is interesting to you, I’d recommend watching and getting in on the conversation over at the Death Chick’s Google+ page.

These are the Show Notes from the original airing on Google Hangout:

What are your big questions???
People are generally uncomfortable with #death …  If we are to #overcomefear  the first step is knowing and naming our fear.  So what exactly is death?  *What does it mean to die?*  This is a topic well worth exploring!

Join us to find out *What exactly are we afraid of?*  What is this death thing that creates such discomfort?

*Death is the only thing we can count on in life*… shouldn’t we be experts at this by now?  Do we put more thought into planning for our next car than we put into planning for death?  Should we plan for it?  What is it that we’re planning for???   #whatisdeath

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FEBRUARY  *Big Question Series*
Big topic = Big questions
What are your big questions around death, dying grief and loss?

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*Our job is to answer the #bigquestions  so you can #overcomefear  of #death *  We’re connected to professional in this growing field; we’ll find the answers.

Many say we fear death because we fear the unknown…+The Death Chicks are here to make it known.

We’re about having the conversations.
We don’t judge.
We don’t have religious affiliations.
We simply want to put this death thing on the table and have a good chat about it.

*About our Guests*
The FEBRUARY BIG QUESTIONS SERIES will feature a small panel of guests on each show.

What is death? Rachel Archelaus Intuitive Art
+Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, artist and business mentor. She founded the Intuitive Art Academy, where she teaches a modality that allows people to have a two way conversation with their higher self.  Previous to this she was (and still is) a medium connecting people with those who have died (we could say passed over, but we’re +The Death Chicks 😉
Rachel is a nature enthusiast and loves hiking and solo camping.  Her photography can be seen in her blogposts and weekly videos. She volunteers with Free Arts for Abused Children in Phoenix, AZ.
*Take a free class at intuitiveartacademy.com*   #intuitiveart

+Roland Takaoka is a Modern Internet Marketer and Google Hangout Host.
_What Is The Positive?_ : A show focused on the Science of Positivity and the healing consciousness of positive thinking.
_Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties_: A team of experts shares practical advice for advancing internet small businesses.
Roland is a husband, a father, a friend, a teacher, a leader in positive thinking, creative mindfulness, and The Ultimate Optimist
#marketingsmarties   #whatsthepositive

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Your Hosts
+Patty Burgess Brecht, The President of Possibilities
Patty is an End-of-Life Educator and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  She is the developer of the End of Life Specialist Training and Certification (CEOLS), and teaches individuals and organizations how to Do Death Differently by not being overwhelmed or afraid of death, but to seek and experience the joy, the passion, and the even the exhilaration inherent in the honor of BEing with the dying.  Her video-based, online, inspiring course is used in hospices, hospitals, home care, colleges and universities across the country and is now open to individuals who are drawn to this work.
www.doingdeathdifferently.com for individuals
www.teachingtransitions.com for organizations

+Myste Lyn Master Empowerment Coach
Myste guides spiritually minded women out of fear and into their innate place of peace and Divine inner strength.  She works with women suffering from major loss and life challenges.  Myste recognizes how fear can be overwhelming and disconnect us from our higher self and she is dedicated to bringing women back into their place of power.
After experiencing her own share of ‘bitter’ through major life losses, Myste now sees the ‘sweet’ in each challenge life brings.  To facilitate the global empowerment of women, she created Bittersweet Breakthrough™ a supported self-study online program that guides participants on an inward journey to overcome fear.  Tools, processes, and practices are provided to return participants to their natural place of peace.

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