Today I was interviewed on the Shedding the Bitch show with Bernadette Boas. We talked about confusion and how to move away from overwhelm and into feeling on purpose.

Confusion and overwhelm can use up more mental energy than our productive thoughts. That keeps us from being creative and feeling free. When we are feeling confused, it’s usually because we are disconnected from our Higher Self. On this episode of Shedding the Bitch, we talk about how to reconnect in a fun and colorful way so you can ditch the confusion and overwhelm for good.

Listen here and share your Aha’s and comments below:

Are you ready to shed the confusion in your life?

Confusion arises when we doubt our intuition. Click To Tweet

We ignore that first feeling and get into a mental acrobatic routine where we swing from one side to another guessing about how things will turn out. How many routines are you in right now?

There is a way out. When you trust that first voice, your intuitive feeling, you are linked up to the right answer. All you have to do is follow through.

When you trust your intuition you get multi-dimensional results. Click To Tweet

All areas of your life will improve – not just the one that was involved with your decision. It always takes bravery and it always moves you closer to living authentically.

When we’re really taking care of ourselves & tapping into the greater part of ourselves we become change makers. You help the world far more by living authentically than you do living by living in obligation (aka Shouldsville).

I want to know, what act of bravery are you going to take today? Shedding confusion and living by your intuition CAN be done. If you want support, take the free Intuitive Art Class here:

shedding the bitch - confusionBernadette Boas of Shedding the Bitch has amazing guests on her show that illuminate how you can shed those pesky barriers to happiness. Find out more here:

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