Do you get discouraged by failure? Do you get overwhelmed by your goals? Today’s video explains how to flip your mindset to use failure and overwhelm to your advantage. They each give you a very important piece of information, so next time one of those feelings pop up, you’ll know what to do with it.

Watch here and share your Aha’s and comments below:

Failure is Feedback

When something doesn’t work out, it’s time to check in on your alignment:

  • What did you include that didn’t light you up?
  • Where were you catering to others? (It’s time to stop people pleasing)
  • Remember to follow your excitement and ask, how can I make this even more fun for me?
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Your business is one big experiment. You will always be working out the details. So flip your failure mindset into gaining feedback, and always follow your excitement.


Even though there is a rocket ship in my current “year ahead” business painting, I’m only going to focus on that twinge of excitement that rumbles in my heart.

Overwhelm extinguishes our natural, inner motivation. And we don’t want to turn our purpose based businesses into a soul-sucking job. That’s not why we created them. Let your enthusiasm and talents shine!

And if you’re worried about no positive results coming, don’t. Just because that isn’t your #1 focus doesn’t mean that you won’t be working hard. You’ll just be working on what inspires you. And that is a very magnetic place to be in. <3

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