Well here it is, another video about manifesting. I’m not going to get into the whole process, just the piece at the end that most of us suck at.

What is that, you ask? It’s just a little thing called Receiving.

If you aren’t getting what you want then watch this video to see how to become a better receiver. You’ll get the tips that worked for me and even the high level hookup with what gives us our manifestation and how to be a better partner with our benefactor.

What is your next step?

  • Will you start to track what you’re getting?
  • Will you identify what you really want?
  • Will you become besties with your Higher Self?

It’s up to you to change your relationship with your manifestations. We’re giving ourselves everything we want already, remember.

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The perfect example of this is a drawing I did today.

I was wanting some information about a sadness I’ve been feeling under the surface for a while. I made space for it to come up strongly today and wanted to draw what it wanted me to know.

Here’s the drawing:

untiepresent - rachel archelaus intuitive art, intuitive drawing

Do you see anything in it? To me it looks like there is a bow that wants to be untied. This sadness is a present for me to unwrap. Now isn’t that something? I’m manifesting this for my highest good. After all, there’s no reason to move to paradise just to bring along my old pal Tears.

I then drew “how do I unwrap this present?” and made it a Soul Focus Drawing.


That method helps me get actual to-do’s from the drawing. For example, instead of just decoding my pink to mean Love, now I know that I can work on my partnership proposal to feel that Love. Instead of seeing orange and knowing it means Thinking, I know that I can raise my mindset with EFT.

And now I know what to do to unwrap my sadness in the most beneficial way. It’s simple, it’s divinely beautiful. And even though it will still be emotional, I know that I am supported by my higher self and Spirit Team in the process.

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