What did I do to manifest first class travel, a paid vacation, and more adventure than I’ve seen in a while? Find out below and also learn how to manifest what YOU want in this video.

This is the follow up to The Hidden Step to Manifesting. If you haven’t seen that video, watch it here.

What I’m learning this year is that the more we are willing to engage with life, the more joy and fulfillment we will be rewarded with. Leaving your comfort zone can be tough, but it’s absolutely one of the steps to manifesting more of what you want. Allowing that goodness in is another step. We need to embrace the gifts and kindness of others in order to fully receive our desires.

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Don’t forget, you create your reality at the higher self level, so you can definitely expect life to go well. Expect it to be in your favor. All you need to do is follow your inspiration and allow the goodness to come in. Yes, there will often be obstacles and growing pains – but that’s kind of the point of living on Earth.

You are here to live. You are here to excel. You are here to be joyous and share yourself with the world.

We see you and we love you.

Besides, start manifesting what you want and tell me you’re not a more generous person. It’s just our nature to want to share our overflow. <3

Here are some pics from my trip (you can also follow me on instagram to see them real-time):

This is where I went hiking. I love water so it was a treat to visit Pond Brook.
Meet my family! We had such a great time hanging out and playing pool at my Mom’s house.
Evidence of my first class travel. I loved drinking out of glass on the plane. Normally I just refuse the water.
My friend Megan and I visited a Buddhist Temple in New York City. It was beautiful. She has a blog that you can visit here: 52magicmondays.com