A lot of people have been feeling unsettled lately. This is a normal byproduct of becoming more aware and sensitive. Our experience of time has changed. And it is easier than ever to access your extrasensory abilities. These things can stir us up inside.

This video discusses what those low feelings are indicating and what you can do to move into more fulfillment in your life.

You can probably look back on your life and find instances where feelings of restlessness preceded a great change.  We need the awareness that something isn’t right in order to find what will align with us. If you are feeling unsettled right now, just ask yourself the questions in the video. All you need is one step to take in the direction of your truth. The rest will unfold naturally.

Be aware that what you are inspired to do might not match up with the areas of life you feel restless about. Perhaps you want a bigger apartment but your inspired action is to take a walk every morning. Don’t judge, just trust.

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If you want to learn about how you can get your to-do list from your Higher Self, check out the Soul Focus Method. And to learn the basics of Intuitive Art for free, go here: Intuitive Art Academy

A good intention for an Intuitive Art drawing would be, “Where is my soul wanting me to grow right now?” You can post your drawing in our Facebook group to share or get help with decoding.

I hope you enjoyed this check-in. And don’t forget, where ever you are is perfect. Honor your feelings and move ahead at your own pace.

Much love,
Rachel Archelaus