Today is Independence Day in the USA. The name of this holiday is so perfect to inspire us to reflect on our own freedom.

What are we putting up with? What are we still feeling enslaved by? What is no longer serving us that we can eliminate? And that includes beliefs, habits, and all the other non-tangibles that we often think are beyond our control.

WE have all the power we need to reclaim our freedom. The truth is, we already have it, it’s a choice now.

Do we exercise it? Do we live it?

This video will give you some extra pointers on what to do with today. It’ll help you see how easy it can be to change course and step further into realizing your freedom. Enjoy!

What did you think? Are there areas of your life that could use more of your attention? Are you excited by your day and what goes in it?

Ask yourself before every new task: How can I make this more exciting? Click To Tweet

That will immediately change your vibration, your state of being, your awareness, and your future.

You can use Intuitive Art to show you what is no longer needed in your life, and where you can gain more freedom. Post your drawings in the Facebook Group to share.

Let me know in the comments what you’ll be letting go of and what you’re excited to step into.

Lots of love,
Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus

Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, author & artist. She assists helpers & healers to create, clarify & launch their businesses while teaching them to develop their psychic super powers along the way. She is also the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy. Learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self so you can ditch confusion forever here:

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