You’ve got great stuff to share. You’re amazing. You have dreams of fame and stardom.

But you feel like no one’s listening!

Even if you don’t have dreams of stardom, this video gives you six free, easy tips on how to get your name out there.

You can do all of them from behind the computer screen, too.

Prefer Audio? Download it here.

The six tips to become more well known:

  1. Show up on video. Facebook Live will give you a more direct connection with your audience. Posting videos to Youtube will help you long term.
  2. Add your own quotes to Goodreads. Other people will make quote cards from them and share them. It’s so cool!
  3. Be helpful online. Answer questions in groups and forums. People will take notice.
  4. Be your strange self! Bring MORE of yourself to your interactions and posts. You’ll feel and emanate more power.
  5. Automate your social media. More is more when it comes to posting. People want to engage with your content so give them an easy way to do it.
  6. Track. It’s super important to know what people are enjoying from you. It will give you more options and perspective on how to grow your business.

Get the details on these steps in the video. And tell me what you think in the comment section. What has helped you become more well known online?

The stat tracker I mentioned is at and SumoMe has a plugin that makes Google Analytics more friendly.

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