I love to travel. It fills me up to be in a new place and to experience new energy. And as I’ve upped my travel to about 3 months a year I’ve noticed some patterns.

This video shares with you my intuitive approach to travel and the benefits that it has provided.

Find out how I travel more on less money here:

If you want to travel more and not compromise your comfort and fun, these tips might serve you well:

  • Spend when you’re excited, don’t spend out of obligation or fear
  • Sign up for travel deal newsletters like travelzoo.com
  • Bring your favorite snacks and breakfast with you
  • Travel light to save on baggage fees
  • Airbnb can often get you a nicer setup than a hotel for less money. (Save $35 with this link bit.ly/airbnbrent)

What I’ve seen in my own life is that money comes back to me quicker when I spend out of excitement.

Do you have a travel approach that’s been working for you? Share your stories or comments below.