This video takes a deep and personal look into how I ran my business last year and what new experiences and explorations filled my time.

I’m not going to sugar coat this: this is a long video. But if you have desires to work less, have more fun, travel more, and grow into the phase of life where your job exists to support your desired life, this video will give you countless insights.

You can take the wisdom I learned from my biggest lessons and apply them to your situation.

Even though you won’t learn tactics and strategy here, you’ll get something far more valuable: a transmission of how it feels to have a lifestyle business focused on travel, freedom, and personal growth.

I talk a lot about mindset and how I made certain decisions. I even talk about fear and how to overcome the nagging voice in your head.

Something really funny happened when I got to the struggles part of the “tour” so you’ll have to watch for that big a-ha.

So pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and let’s get to know each other better.

Listen or download the audio here:

Woah, right?!

Even I was amazed at how much I learned last year. Some of my favorites are:

  • Struggle happens when we resist inspiration
  • Judgment causes suffering
  • There is no need to suffer
  • Love = Ease

And my #1 top treasure:

Allow yourself to change and you make room for the extraordinary Click To Tweet

I hope you enjoyed watching my revelations from last year. I’d love to hear about yours! Write to me in the comment box below.

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Let’s work together to create your desired life.

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