If you haven’t noticed, things are pretty crazy right now. 

If you turn on the news, you’d think that the whole world is imploding. Well, it kind of is!

We’re no longer able to support the density of the old paradigm. There is no longer an energetic structure in place to house heavy emotions or big lies. We’ve brought too much light to the planet.

What that means is that all the crappy stuff sticking to the sides is being illuminated as it leaves. It means that we’re being shown just how awful people can be.

But the good news is that we have more light. And we are evolving into a place where goodness and love are the baseline.

You get to choose how you go through this shift. You can stay stuck looking at the bad, or you can focus on the beauty that is making this happen. 

This video shares about your evolution and how I’m specially able to “translate” it for you.

Take a watch and see what resonates with you.

You have amazing resources to help you with this journey.

  • Intuitive Art offers a direct link to your Higher Self. If you’ve never done my method before, you can learn it for free here: http://intuitiveartacademy.com. And if you want a deeper dive into how we create our reality and how you can use Intuitive Art in that process, check out Soul Focus. My book also comes with a free digital workbook with over 100 Intuitive Art prompts to help you ask the best questions.
  • My Youtube channel has hundreds of helpful videos that will help you be more intuitive. I post videos here that I don’t email, so subscribe to be notified of new ones.
  • The Sephyrus Blog (you’re on it right now) has content that will help you embody your Higher Self. Dig in!
  • Work with me privately. You can get more info on that here: http://translatingtheshift.com/work-with-rachel/

We’re all going to have a different experience of our ascension.

 I believe that if we get present and learn how to communicate with ourselves from that place, we can witness our shift from the most loving vantage point. 

We’ll be able to not take things personally. We will see the opportunities for expansion, ease, joy, and abundance. And we won’t get caught up in the drama.

I’ll keep making videos about this because I feel it’s important to be a reminder of graceful evolution.

Let me know where in your life doesn’t feel graceful. 🙂 And I’ll address that specifically.

Super love,


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