Sherry Richert Belul of Simply Celebrate interviewed me about what it looks and feels like to be Interdimensional.What's it like being Interdimensional? (living a psychic life, multidimensional, seeing spirits)

Being able to be present in other dimensions and talk to beings from different star systems is pretty amazing. You can get a glimpse of what that’s like in this conversation. You can even learn how to start doing it yourself.

We talked about a lot of things like:

  • My visitation from ETs when I was 17
  • Going “home” to the Pleiades during a quantum healing hypnosis session
  • How the mind’s function is changing and what that feels like to people
  • Getting validation from channelers
  • Sherry’s Zeta life and what she’s doing there
  • What spirits, faeries, and angels look like when they visit me
  • Going on vacation to other worlds
  • The Zeta Hybrid Program and abductions
  • How being Interdimensional is so much fun!

Here are the questions she asked:

What does Sephyrus mean?
Tell me more about being from multiple places and dimensions
How did you learn that these other places existed?
How did you know you are pulling energy from or still living in these places?
Is there an essence that is personal to us that we keep throughout lifetimes?
Who figured out how the dimensions work?
Is the whole universe evolving together?
How many other people are like you?
What is your role here?
Is our own evolution a choice?
Do we chose to play certain roles in our lives?
Can we learn to access our memories of being on different planets? How can we do this?
How is being Pleiadian different from being Zeta?
What are the faeries like and how have you interacted with them?
How can we learn to see spirits, faeries, and angels?
What is a way to accelerate my evolution and connection?
Do you ask these beings for advice?
How do each of these beings help you?
Can you visit other places at will?
Is there music on every world?
What do Zetas do for fun?
How did your parents respond to all of this?
How is your evolution affecting your work?
What is our Higher Self?
What is an Oversoul?
Who are your favorite spiritual teachers?
Who are our Spirit Guides?

You have amazing resources to help you with this journey.

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  • The Sephyrus Blog (you’re on it right now) has content that will help you embody your Higher Self. Dig in!
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We’re all going to have a different experience of our ascension.

 I believe that if we get present and learn how to communicate with ourselves from that place, we can witness our shift from the most loving vantage point. 

We’ll be able to not take things personally. We will see the opportunities for expansion, ease, joy, and abundance. And we won’t get caught up in the drama.


Super love,


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Rachel Archelaus

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