Intimate Alien, The Angels, and I hosted an epic chat on Purpose today.

If you have ever wondered why you’re here on Earth, this chat is for you. A full list of what we covered is below.

You will definitely want to watch the opening and closing messages from The Angels! They were awesome.

Our Purpose Class starts Thursday (11/30) so watch, enjoy, and register for more!

Timestamps of Questions:

8:20 Opening message from The Angels

Rachel Answers Questions:
11:49 How do I re-align my life to purpose? This has been a weird year and I need to know the next step.
I feel on track but worried that I don’t fit into 3D
18:12 Sometimes people reject themselves by what they think people think before someone else can reject them.
21:10 Why is it that when you move closer to your Purpose so much resistance show up?

Intimate Alien Answers Questions:
26:29 What are some simple ways that we can add in more Purposeful ways of being on a daily basis that will be part of our Purpose?
30:02 What should I focus on most now, to rest or to build a new website?
32:38 I’m surveying my audience for my business, what is the best way to put all the answers together so I have a clear path of what I should be teaching and doing?
33:45 I watched another webinar of yours and you said “only do what you love” and that made so much sense to me. But when I do that in my life, everything goes well, but I feel guilt because other people have to suffer.
37:12 Contract vs free will. Can free will unbind us from something we’ve contracted upon our earthly arrival? For example, if we have something terrifyingly negative in our contract can our free will change the negative point on our blueprint?
46:51 So many of us Star Beings have trouble being in the body and I keep being told that if you’re not in your body you can’t bring your purpose here. What is your take on this?
49:12 What is your suggestion if I want to be more in my body?
51:38 Can you release a contract without the other party knowing about it if they are not open to the idea of contracts?
52:52 Closing message from The Angels

Embody Your Purpose Class Q&A
58:00 What are the nuts and bolts of the class (dates/times/structure)
1:03 I’m looking to combine coaching and art. Will this class work for me?

Videos Mentioned: 
You Are Amazing and I Love You
Do You Allow Yourself to Exist?
Yes/No Technique

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