We have lots of ideas everyday, but what makes one worth following?

When you get an idea through Intuitive Art, you know that it’s attached to your Higher Self because that’s where you got the information. But what about when things randomly pop into your head? Can you trust it?

Today I took a clip from a class I’m teaching that addresses this question. 

Intimate Alien answers and goes into detail on what makes an idea good and what to do if your energy around it changes. This can help you avoid mixed outcomes and disappointment.

How can you affirm a good idea and your vibration are in alignment?

Ask yourself “How can I feel the best in every moment?” When you are in a place of high vibration, you are swimming in a place of less resistance. This is when to act. Putting your ideas into action – no matter how good they are – when you are in a low vibrational energy won’t result in your greatest good.

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